About Me

Hello Everyone,

I live in the mountains of Colorado (out in the middle of nowhere) on a ranch with my sister, horses, dogs, cats and lots of wildlife (and a few types of creatures that I wish weren’t around here).  I moved from Dallas, TX, around 2009 and love the weather up here.  There’s hardly any humidity up here so its very comfortable.

I love to have a vegetable garden every year. I figure if I’m going to water something, I want to be able to eat it, too. Reading great books is another great pastime for me.

I’ve been working online since the mid 90’s and quit my accounting position in 2000.  I started in multi-level marketing and found out that I was having to rely on others to go to work for me to make a living.  In theory those multi-level compensation plans make sense but, they don’t take into account “human nature”.  I found that I could bring people into the companies, teach them and train them. Then when it was time to “kick them out of the nest” and time for them to go to work, my down-line would fall apart.  Guess they really didn’t want to work after I quit doing everything for them.

So I turned to affiliate marketing.  With this type of work you can work as much or as hard as you want and/or make as much as you want.  Stay tuned…  I have a lot to share…

Best wishes, Joan

Joan Colvett